We went to the Japanese cafe “ Taiyaki& # 39; in St. Petersburg. I am telling you what they fed us there

While passing through St. Petersburg, we decided to try real Japanese cuisine. I don’t know, of course, how real it was, but the Taiyaki cafe , which came our way, somehow inspired confidence. And, to be honest, I really wanted to eat it.

Cafe “article-renderblock_block-points “> On the threshold we were met by a young man, as it turned out later, he himself was from Nizhny Novgorod. He said something to us in Japanese, apparently greeted us, and then helpfully offered to go into the hall, bowing in our direction.

Inside Taiaki Cafe Inside Taiaki Cafe

Observing the rules of Japanese etiquette, we bowed in his direction in response and went into the cafe. From the outside, it probably looked terribly funny.

Anime at Taiyaki Cafe Anime at Taiyaki Cafe

Since the clock was at the beginning of eleven, the hall was empty, and only a group of young people located in the very corner of the room, discussed something in an undertone, most likely a menu.

Students at Taiyaki Cafe Students at Taiyaki Cafe

The menu, I tell you, was full of some unknown and exotic names. Not being gourmets in Japanese, and indeed in Asian cuisine, at first we even felt a little uneasy.

Taiyaki Cafe Menu Taiyaki Cafe Menu

Taiyaki Cafe Menu Taiyaki Cafe Menu

There was only one question in my head:

– How can you eat this at all?

From what we were somehow familiar with, it turned out to be peach tea, which we immediately ordered.

Peach tea at Taiyaki Cafe Nrcic tea at Taiyaki Cafe

And melon-flavored lemonade.

Lemonade at taiyaki cafe Lemonade at tayaki cafe

Having got used to it a bit, ordered:

Syake Teriyaki: Delicate salmon fried in a thin layer of tempura under the signature teriyaki sauce on a pad of rice.

Syake Teriyaki at Taiyaka Cafe Syake Teriyaki at Taiyaka Cafe

Yakisoba: Slices of juicy meat and noodles fried in soy and mushroom sauce with carrots and Chinese cabbage.

Yakisoba at Taiaki Cafe Yakisoba at Taiaki Cafe

Onigiri in stock. Onigiri is a Japanese dish made from unleavened rice, molded into a triangle or ball. Typically, onigiri is filled with filling and wrapped in a sheet of dried nori seaweed.

Onigiri at Taiaki Cafe Onigiri at Taiaki Cafe

Sega Sarada: Fresh salad vegetables with a traditional Japanese ginger dressing.

Sega Sarada at Taiaki Cafe Sega Sarada at Taiaki Cafe

While waiting for the order, we learned a few words in Japanese.

Learning Japanese at Taiyaki CafeLearning Japanese at Taiyaki Cafe

Not to look at all silly, instead of chopsticks they asked for traditional forks. So, you know, it is more convenient.

Cafe Taiaki

Peach tea 350.0 rubles

Melon lemonade 180.0 rubles

Yakisoba 420.0 rubles

Syake Teriyaki 390.0 rubles

Onigiri tuna and mayonnaise 150.0 rub.

Sega Sarada 190.0 rubles

Three Taiyaki/Onigiri RUB 420.0

Total payable: RUB 2100.0

What did you like the most? Hard to say. Probably everything! But the Japanese lemonade certainly surprised! Really delicious!

This is #Japanese cuisine.

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