We visited the island of Valaam. Heres how he surprised us

I wont be mistaken if I say that #Valaam is an amazing island in every respect. Getting here, you never cease to be amazed at the physical and spiritual strength of a person who turned this harsh island into an inhabited corner of the earth.

Valaam IslandValaam Island

One can only guess why the Apostle Andrew the First-Called liked this land. But in any case, our gratitude to him is immeasurable for giving us this miracle.

Now #Valaam island is a fairly inhabited territory with its own way of life. In winter, it is certainly not as crowded as in summer.

A pier on the island of Valaam A pier on the island of Valaam

From spring to late autumn, thousands of pilgrims and tourists flock here to touch the shrines and admire the beauties of nature, which has an intoxicating effect on an unprepared traveler.

And you dont need to go somewhere inland to see all its beauty, it is literally everywhere.

And if you entered the forest thicket, get ready to get into the wonderful fairy world of epic Russian fairy tales, the world of Baba Yaga and Koshchei Immortal.

Nature of Valaam Island Nature of Valaam Island

So it seems that Alyonushka is about to appear on one of the many lakes, from the picture of V.M. Vasnetsov.

Lakes on Valaam Island Lakes on Valaam Island

There is no gas on the island, so all churches, temples and outbuildings are heated with firewood. which goes all over the territory.

Collecting firewood on Valaam Island Collecting firewood on Valaam Island

But despite all the protected nature of the island, there are roads on it, and, consequently, cars. And road signs are a vivid confirmation of this.

Roads on Valaam Island Roads on Valaam Island

Cats have settled down on the island with pleasure and are everyone's favorites. When they are hungry, they are affectionate and friendly. So, while walking around the island, take something tasty with you and pamper them.

Cats on Valaam IslandCats on Valaam Island The price per piece may seem a bit overpriced to you, but I assure you, its worth it.

Whitefish for sale on Valaam Island Whitefish for sale on Valaam Island

And if on your way there is a VALAAM FARM , boldly take its products, you will be satisfied!

Have you been to the island of Valaam? Share your impressions.



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