We met the motor ship “ Saint Petersburg& # 39; on Lake Onega. I tell you how the captains of the ships greet each other

Most of the worlds population has Lake Onega associated with the famous island of Kizhi.

Kizhi Island -points = “are not talking 3″> about today we … Today we are talking about Lake Onega.

It is located in the north-west of Russia and is the second largest freshwater lake in Europe after Ladoga.

And if LADOGA LAKE we met with cloudy, almost stormy weather, then with Onega (as Lake Onega is sometimes called) everything turned out exactly the opposite.

We departed from the island # Kizhi at about two oclock in the afternoon in sunny weather with no wind at all. This made it possible to see the Kizhi churchyard in all its glory.

Kizhi Island from the Mstislav Rostropovich motor ship; Kizhi Island from the Mstislav Rostropovich motor ship:

Face to face Faces cannot be seen. Great things are seen at a distance. When the sea surface is boiling, the ship is in a deplorable state.

Unlike the everyday ship of Sergei Yesenin, our motor ship “Mstislav Rostropovich” , as soon as we left the island, picked up full speed, and in the blink of an eye we were torn off the land for many kilometers.

And only a thin strip of coastline was still visible in some places beyond the horizon.

And even the rare islands, which for some time came across our path, soon disappeared from sight. Island on Lake Onega Island on Lake Onega

And so we are already completely alone cutting the waters of Lake Onega. And if not for the point on the horizon, which grew in size every minute, one would think that we are somewhere in the vastness of the worlds oceans.

This point turned out to be # motor ship “Saint Petersburg” of the shipping company # vodokhod, which was in a hurry to meet us at full speed.

Motor ship & quot; St. Petersburg & quot; on Lake Onega on Lake Onega

Having caught up with him, we greeted him with conditional beeps. St. Petersburg issued one long, then several short, then another long beep in response, greeting us.

After some time, it again turned into a point on the horizon, and then completely disappeared from view.

The motor ship “ St. Petersburg& # 39; on Lake Onega on Lake Onega

No one else came across until the evening. The passengers dispersed to their cabins, and we, comfortably seated on the sun deck, began to enjoy the warm Onega breeze.

Sun deck on m/v Mstislav Rostropovich; Sun deck on m/v Mstislav Rostropovich


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