Turkish hoteliers have made an important statement regarding the all-inclusive system. Telling everything in detail

Recently, rumors about the closure of the “all inclusive” system in Turkey are increasingly being circulated … And there are good reasons for these rumors. Considering the current situation in the tourism industry, Turkish hoteliers are seriously talking about the feasibility and, most importantly, the effectiveness of this format of recreation.

Rest in Turkey (https://clck.ru/YHg4q) Rest in Turkey ( https://clck.ru/YHg4q)

Radically-minded representatives of the Turkish travel industry suggest ending this service system altogether.

I hasten to please you, most hoteliers are still in favor of this system and so far no one is going to close it, because abandoning “#unstyled” means ending once and forever with Turkeys undeniable competitive advantage.

But there is still concern among hotel executives and the industry as a whole. It consists in how to increase business profitability in the new conditions.

And it seems to me that opponents of this format do not have so many chances.

More and more countries are now adopting the all-inclusive system and there is absolutely no reason to abandon it. And those countries that, for some reason, are saving on tourists, run the risk of being left without them altogether. # A tourist is now waiting for a full-fledged package of services and services from the rest.

Rest in Turkey (https://clck.ru/YHgRt) Rest in Turkey (https://clck.ru/YHgRt)

#Turkey succeeded in this regard. For the Russian tourist, the “all inclusive” format is considered a synonym for rest in Turkey. And nothing can be done about it.

One of our friends was vacationing this year on a budget in Croatia (no meals at all). Rest, in her words, frankly, was not a success …

To summarize, we can say that in the near future no shocks are expected with the rest in Turkey, and in particular with the “all inclusive” system.

The concern of Turkish hoteliers in terms of business profitability is understandable. I think the main thing is that this does not lead to a deterioration in the conditions of recreation for tourists.

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