I tell you how life is in a farm with a population of 15 people

# Volgograd region, as, perhaps, in any other region or the edge of our country, has many large and small settlements, villages, villages, farms. Today our story is about the smallest farm in the Volgograd region – farm Saushkin .

Farm Saushkin. Kletsky district. Volgograd RegionKhutor Saushkin. Kletsky district. Volgograd Region

The farm is located on the very bank of the # Don River and several kilometers to the nearest settlement. There is no hospital (first-aid post), no store, no post office, no school. There is nothing in the farm.

Empty houses in the Saushkin farmEmpty homes in the Saushkin farm

And where do they come from if the population of the farm, according to the inventory of 2005, is only 15 people. But something tells me that since then the situation has changed little, but the number of plots with empty or completely destroyed houses has clearly increased.

The only Monastyrskaya street in the Saushkin farmThe only Monastyrskaya street in the Saushkin farm

There is only one street in the Saushkin farm with the loud name Monastyrskaya, since the oldest monastery in the south of Russia is located here – KREMENSKAYA ASCENSION MONASTERY .

Kremensky Ascension male monasteryKremenskaya Ascension male monastery

During church holidays, the population of the farm increases dramatically, as there are a great many who want to get here and worship Christian relics.

The rest of the time there is silence at the Saushkin farm.

During our entire stay in it, we have not met a single person. There, human speech is not heard at all, not to mention childrens laughter.

Sayshkin farm from a height Sayshkin farm from a height

In general, the impression from visiting the farm Saushkin left two things. It seems that the place is beautiful, and the Don is nearby, and the monastery, but somehow sad.

View of the Saushkin farm and the Kremensky monastery Life in the neighboring village NOVOGRIGORIEVSKAYA , despite all the difficulties, may seem like a real paradise.

Khutor SaushkinKhutor Saushkin

Here you involuntarily remember the city dwellers, to whom everything is not so and all is not that way. Theyd be here for a week. For a week, for a day.


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