Ride in Volgograd on a high-speed tram. I am telling you what a miracle it is

When a high-speed tram appeared in Volgograd in 1984, many city residents were simply at a loss … Everyone was waiting for the metro, of course, but got something in between # metro and tram.

Apparently even then the city was not held in high esteem, despite the fact that it was considered a large industrial center with a million population.

High-speed tram in Volgograd High-speed tram in Volgograd

Over time, passions subsided, # the high-speed tram became a common mode of transport for city residents, although it still evokes a feeling of delight mixed with a sense of surprise among guests of Volgograd.

Lenin Square Station. Speed ​​train. Volgograd Station & quot; Lenin Square. '' Speed ​​train. Volgograd

You stand like this at a metro station, waiting for a train, and then a #tram leaves the tunnel at all times. Well, isnt it funny?

High-speed tram in Volgograd High-speed tram in Volgograd

High-speed tram in Volgograd really strongly resembles the subway. Six out of twenty stations are underground, the rest are on the surface, respectively.

Station “ Komsomolskaya& # 39 ;. High-speed tram in Volgograd High-speed tram in Volgograd

The tram has only one line. As they say, modestly, but tastefully.

The scheme of the Volgograd high-speed tramThe scheme of the Volgograd high-speed tram

Muscovites would probably be very surprised if when we saw the scheme of Volgograd high-speed tram .

And, despite the fact that # Volgograd has grown significantly in breadth over the past decades, the construction of new branches is not planned yet.

Well, thanks for that too!

High-speed tram in Volgograd. High-speed tram in Volgograd.

Recently, all the tram and trolleybus facilities of the city, or as it is also called MUP Metroelektrotrans, as well as the entire city as a whole , are going through hard times.

Over a hundred conductors and drivers were dismissed at the enterprise, and they immediately issued new job advertisements.

hiring at Metroelectrotrans Announcement of hiring at Metroelectrotrans

If necessary, you can use the phone number. No need to thank!

But you cant get a job there without special certificates, and there are not so many people who want to have them. and a lot.

Why, now there is one conductor for two high-speed tram cars instead of two, who simply does not have time to sell tickets to everyone.

A conductor on a high-speed tram A conductor on a high-speed tram

So recently I rode the tram for free, because I entered the second car, and the conductor was in the first, but in our car for the entire journey, he never appeared. Such is the attraction of unprecedented generosity.

Apparently 25 rubles (fare) for the city is no longer money.


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If you are interested to know what tram was in Volgograd in pre-war and post -war times, read about it below.

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