Names of the countries where Russians most often rested in 2021

and other statistical data regarding the preferences of Russian tourists.

Today we will talk about those countries that our compatriots visited most this summer.

Sheremetyevo data__stunst “Airport renderblock”It is clear that many factors influenced the preferences of Russians this year. The main ones include the following in descending order:

  • Ability to visit the country
  • Price
  • The presence/absence of certain restrictions

On the one hand, the results of this rating were quite expected, but in the same time was not without surprises. But all in order.

It is clear that we are not talking about any millions of Russians. What are there millions? Thousands.

So, lets move on to the rating

Turkey is still in first place! Honestly, who would doubt it.

The efforts of the Turkish leadership to attract Russians to rest in Turkey this summer have had their results. Despite the fact that the flow of Russian tourists to Turkey in relation to last year increased by a little more than 130%, it is negligible and far from the indicators of 2019. # Turkey in 2021 received almost 807 thousand of our compatriots. I dont think this figure will change significantly by the end of the year.

Cyprus with a score of 172.5 thousands of Russians are in second place.

The gap with Turkey is more than impressive. However, based on the 2020 data, there is again a slight increase. In the current situation, this result #Cyprus is quite satisfactory. Undoubtedly, this is the success of the policy of the Cypriot authorities and the countrys tourism community.

Greece in the third prize.

Despite the tough policy pursued by the countrys authorities on restricting and limiting the admission of Russians to the resorts of ancient Hellas, about 33 thousand of our tourists. Well, what did you want?

This figure could be significantly higher, because #Greece has been among the most visited countries for a long time Russians.

And attention, surprise!

# Finland takes an honorable fourth place!

13 thousand Russians chose Finland for their rest this year. To be fair, it should be noted that the absolute majority of them are residents of St. Petersburg.

The rating also includes such countries as Cuba, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Maldives and Mexico, but their results are much more modest than those of the leaders of the list.

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