I wanted to buy sweets from a local manufacturer in Volgograd. Ill tell you what came of it

I would never have believed that there are no Volgograd sweets in Volgograd stores. And this is in the city of one million, where there is a whole chocolate factory, proudly calling itself Peoples Enterprise “CONFIL”.

Chocolate factory “ CONFIL& # 39 ;. Volgograd (https://clck.ru/YFtKS) CONFIL Chocolate Factory. Volgograd (https://clck.ru/YFtKS)

Meanwhile, having bypassed six retail outlets, three of which were located at the river station, and three in the very center of the city, in none of them I was able to buy candies from a local manufacturer due to their complete absence.

The river station surprised me once again! Not a single store!

I would like to ask:

– Where, how to advertise and promote your products at the train stations?

Three cafes that I found there did not have local sweets, although others the producers were poorly or poorly represented.

Cafe at the river station in Volgograd Cafe at the river station in Volgograd

My question:

– Do you have Volgograd sweets or chocolates? – caused the sellers of sincere surprise, interspersed with irritation. All they had to do was twirl a finger at their temples.

It seemed that I was asking them not about # sweets, but about black caviar.

The situation has not changed much when in the store in the very center city on Sovetskaya Street, 12, the seller answered the same question about sweets shortly:

– We do not have a branded trade here. You need to go to the CONFIL factory store.

Store in VolgogradShop in Volgograd

It seems that #Volgograd represents only the branded trade of the company “ MARS& # 39 ;, which is the owner of such trademarks as “ Mars& # 39; and Snickers. These chocolate bars are definitely available in any retail outlet in the city.

The same thing happened in the store at the intersection of Sovetskaya and Heroes Alley.

Volgograd store/p>

Whats the end of the season? Its not clear.

But in an ice cream parlor on the same street, Alley of Heroes, 1, the seller just barked at me.

Ice-cream cafe Volgograd Ice-cream cafe Volgograd

– Where do you see sweets here at all? – again she answered irritably, giving me a malicious look.

This is the Volgograd hospitality.

Its good that I am a resident of Volgograd, but what if there were a guest of the city? Honestly, it is unpleasant and ashamed of us, # Volgograd residents.

What do you think about this? Share in the comments.


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