I took 5 funny photos on vacation. I tell you what the joke is

Leafing through the archives of photographs brought from travels, you never cease to wonder how many interesting moments can be captured. And if at first you do not find anything special in a particular photo, then some time later, you begin to notice funny, sometimes even curious details in it.

Today I want to show you before I brought back from a trip this year.

For these photos I have compiled a conditional rating and placed them in descending order.


Looking at this photo, I just want to exclaim: “How we still live miserably!” The hut with a loud sign on the facade of the Russian Post evokes nothing but pity and sympathy. But this is a state institution!

Post office. Leningrad Region Russian Post. Leningrad Region

It is possible that earlier it was a residential building, later abandoned by its owners. But apparently #PostRussia decided, why should something be lost? Put the grates and youre done!

Judging by the pile of firewood on the right, Russian Post is heated in cold weather in the old old fashioned way.


I don't know what the administration of the state museum-reserve “Peterhof” meant by placing on one from their lawns a sign with the words “Caution, squirrels!” Are they aggressive or what?

Beware of squirrels! Peterhof Beware of squirrels! Peterhof

Or are they so hungry that they can knock you down in search of food? In general, the mystery is still the same.

did not see it.


In one of the Japanese cafes in St. Petersburg, my attention was drawn to a board with the words “Useful Japanese”, on which several Japanese words were translated into Russian. Such a Japanese-Russian dictionary.

Useful Japanese. Cafe & quot; Taiyaki & quot; Saint PetersburgUseful Japanese. Cafe & quot; Taiyaki & quot; St. Petersburg

For educational purposes, the thing is extremely useful. This is how you wait for an order, and, by the way, you learn Japanese.

How often the dictionary on the board is updated, I do not know for certain.


On one of the windows of the bell tower of the Transfiguration Cathedral in the Uglich Kremlin, I saw a sign “Entrance to the bell tower” with an arrow indicating the direction.

Entrance to the bell tower. Kremlin in Uglich Entrance to the bell tower. Kremlin in Uglich

I understand that the sign is placed for those who try to climb the bell tower through the window. And for those who are especially dull and for the purpose of unauthorized entry, a lattice was also placed on the window.

And finally, the leader of the rating!


This lion is in the “Peterhof” I have already mentioned. Leo is so sad and compassionate that you just cant walk past him. I just want to stroke him, caress him and pull his ear.

Sad lion. Peterhof The sad lion. Peterhof

Here are some funny # photos I took while traveling around Russia.

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By the way, about the cruise during which I took these photos, read below.

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