I asked the stewardess: “ Why do you need to open the window shades during takeoff/landing?& # 39; Here is what she said to me

Previously, at work, I often had to fly on business trips. It happened that it happened before several flights a month and always # flight attendants at takeoff/landing asked to raise the backs of the seats and open the window shades.

Airport from the window of the aircraft = render__block of the aircraft render__block_unstyled “data-points =” 4 “> And if with the first action everything is more or less clear, then why it is necessary to raise the curtains has always been a mystery to me.

View through the windowView through the window

As a rule, passengers do not particularly resist, and meekly obey the requests of the flight attendants.

The curtains are open in the aircraft cabin The curtains are open in the aircraft cabin

Although once, when the flight attendant asked me to raise the curtain, I asked her in a joking manner:

– Why?

The stewardess, I must give her credit, then she answered me just as jokingly:

– To make the passengers better seen.

I can imagine how many such “idiotic” questions they have to answer.

But really, why open the curtains? Lets figure it out.

It has long been known that # the plane is the safest form of transport. I will not give scanty statistics, but this is a fact.

Open window blinds Open window blinds

This is achieved by security measures, which include the same # rule to open the window shades during take -off/landing.

Well, firstly. If something unexpected happens, the eyes of passengers with the curtains open will have to get used to daylight, which greatly facilitates the evacuation process.

Second. How many cases have already occurred when passengers promptly responded to an emergency situation overboard and warned # the ships crew about it.

Thirdly. And if something suddenly happens, the rescuers will be able to see what is happening inside the cabin through the open curtains.

Now it is clear what the stewardess meant when she said that when the curtains are open, passengers are better seen.

Well, and finally, fourth. Closed curtains during a hard landing of the liner can corny crumble and injure passengers. Anything, you know, happens.

Now, when I get into the # airliner, I have no questions about why it is necessary to open the window shades?


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