5 questions that you may have before starting a cruise on a river passenger motor ship

I am often asked certain questions about # rest on river cruise ships.

Motor “Alexander Svirskiy” article-render_render__ points _ renderblock points ” “2”> The most popular ones are as follows:

What is included in the cruise prices?

Is there a pitching on board?

How loud are they engines?

And can I bring a bottle of wine on board?

Are there any discounts on cruises?

I will try to answer all these questions in this article.

So, lets talk about the important nuances of resting on a motor ship

First question. What is included in the cruise price?

Here I must say that there are many cruise shipping companies and the range of services included in the cost of a cruise may differ significantly from them, but the basic cost package usually includes the following:

1. Accommodation in a cabin of the selected type.

2. Meals on the ship. Here it can also be different. As a rule, this is a custom system, or a buffet.

3. Daily entertainment activities on board the ship, including concerts, master classes, clubs of interest, evening discos.

4. On most motor ships, the cruise price already includes a basic excursion service in the cities of parking. Except for those excursions that the passenger purchases additionally.

Second question. Are vacationers seasick?

River travel is a fairly calm form of relaxation and in most cases the rocking of the vessel is not felt. A slight pitching is present only when passing through large lakes, such as Ladoga or Onega, as well as large reservoirs, and even then, not always.

For example, we passed both LADOZHSKOE and ONEZHSKOE lakes without any special adventures.

Still, you need to understand that in bad weather and in strong winds, rolling is more felt on the upper decks. So consider this nuance when choosing a cabin.

Third question. Is the engine noise disturbing tourists during the rest?

Light engine noise or vibration may be on the lower deck of the ship closer to engine room, but from my own experience I can say that this noise does not interfere with your rest, and after a while you will simply forget about its existence.

Fourth question. Can I take food or alcoholic beverages on board?

I assure you that all ships are very tasty and satisfying are fed, but if you still have such a need , then you can take all the necessary products with you. It is also not prohibited to bring soft and alcoholic drinks on board.

Fifth question. Are there any cruise discounts?

Yes, they do. As a rule, all shipping companies provide their own set of discounts. These can be seasonal discounts, discounts for regular customers, discounts for seniors or passengers with children.

In any case, you can ask the shipowner or travel company how to make your trip cheaper.

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