2000 rubles is not money. Im telling you where you can fly for this amount

From time to time I use the online service to buy tickets OneTwoTrip. And just recently I came across some interesting information provided by this service. It concerns budget flights for October this year. Today I want to tell you about this.

Immediately I will make a reservation that # travel, which will be discussed, begins not only from Moscow, but also from other cities of our country. This cannot but rejoice, since there is a widespread belief that it is cheapest to fly from the capital. So I hasten to disappoint you!

According to OneTwoTrip service experts, the most active in terms of travel were residents of the following cities (in increasing order): # Yekaterinburg, # Sochi , # Krasnodar, # St. Petersburg, # Moscow.

2000 rubles is not money. I am telling you where you can fly for this amount

So from Yekaterinburg you can travel to Ufa for 1320 rubles, to Tyumen for 1440 rubles, to Izhevsk for 1690 rubles.

From Sochi, the cheapest flights were to Mineralnye Vody and Rostov-on-Don – 1,300 and 1,500 rubles, respectively. To Makhachkala – 1570 rubles.

If you are a resident of Krasnodar, then the cheapest flight to Astrakhan is 890 rubles. The flight to Kaluga will cost 1000 rubles. And there are only 1150 to Moscow.

From St. Petersburg, as you probably already guessed, it is most profitable to fly to the capital – from 1000 rubles. The flight to Kaluga will cost 1600 rubles, and to Voronezh – 1650 rubles. The most expensive of the budgetary directions was Volgograd – 1950 rubles.

And finally, Moscow. The cheapest way to get from Moscow to Ufa, Krasnodar and Mineralnye Vody is 1000 rubles. St. Petersburg is in second place – 1150 rubles. Sochi is in third place – 1,500 rubles.

So, as they say, not everything is so bad!

Airport & quot; Gumrak.& # 39; Volgograd Airport “ Gumrak& # 39 ;. Volgograd

By the way, in August a ticket from VOLGOGRAD TO SAINT-PERERBURG cost us 6529 rubles per person.

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